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Tradition Created with Sketchx. Tradition values concern following cultural and religious traditions. For people who value tradition highly, it is very important to maintain, observe and respect traditional practices, ideas and ways of thinking of their family, religion or ethnic group.
Security Created with Sketch. Security values are about being safe personally and living in a secure and stable society. For people who value security highly, it is very important to avoid any danger, risk or uncertainty. They want to live in a well-ordered, predictable environment. They want their society to be safe for their family and others, with a government that can protect them against threats.
Power Created with Sketch. Power values are about seeking to control people and resources. For people who value power highly, it is very important to control others and to be wealthy. They want to have the authority or power to dominate others and get them to do what they want. Being rich and having high status is important to them.
Achievement Created with Sketch. Achievement values are about seeking success according to social standards. For people who value achievement highly, it is very important to be ambitious, to achieve their goals and to show how capable and competent they are. They want to succeed in life and get ahead. They seek to influence and impress others and to be recognised for their success.
Hedonism Created with Sketch. Hedonism values are about seeking pleasure and enjoyment in life. For people who value hedonism highly, it is very important to enjoy life’s pleasures, to have fun and indulge themsleves. They want to relax, enjoy and pamper themselves.
Stimulation Created with Sketch. Stimulation values are about seeking new and exciting things to do. For people who value stimulation highly, it is very important to live an exciting life filled with variety and novelty. They enjoy change and adventure and like to try lots of new things. They tend to seek thrilling experiences.
Self-direction Created with Sketch. Self-Direction values are about thinking and acting independently. For people who value self-direction highly, it is very important to be free to choose their own goals and actions and to rely on themselves. They want to learn and explore different topics and ways of thinking and to be original and creative.
Universalism - Nature Created with Sketch. Universalism-nature values are about caring for the natural environment and for all animals. For people who value universalism-nature highly, it is critical to protect the environment from pollution and destruction. It is important for them to preserve the water, land, air, plants and animals for future generations.
Universalism - Societal Created with Sketch. Universalism–societal values are about wanting everyone to have equal opportunities in life. For people who value universalism-societal highly, the welfare of all the people in the world is very important. They want to understand and accept people who are different from themselves and to help people who have less than themselves.
Benevolence Created with Sketch. Benevolence values are about caring for people you are close to, your family and friends. For people who value benevolence highly, it is very important to put the welfare of their family and friends ahead of their own. It is important for them to be helpful, responsible and dependable. They want to be honest, forgiving and loyal to their friends and family.
Conformity Created with Sketch. Conformity values are about conforming to rules and to others' expectations. For people who value conformity highly, it is very important to follow rules and regulations and to meet all their obligations. They want to behave properly and to avoid upsetting others. They want to be polite and to avoid doing anything people would say is wrong.
Universalism - Societal

What are values?

Our values represent what matters to us the most. They give meaning to everything we do. While values differ vastly from each person, they often dictate individual attitudes and behaviours.

Professor Julie Lee, UWA:

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Why The Values Project?

The Values Project is a multi-year program between The University of Western Australia and Pureprofile that is partly funded by a Linkage Grant from the Australian Research Council (LP150100434). It enables people to understand how values shape and influence the things that matter most to them in life. A greater understanding of values can help people choose goals and plan for their future by making better decisions.

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