This project is jointly funded by Pureprofile, the participating Universities, and the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council [ARC Linkage Project: LP150100434]. It aims to understand the complex relations between people’s life goals and their consumption behaviour; exploring age, life-stage and cohort effects. The intended outcomes of the Project include a state-of-the-art interactive values-based website (this one!), basic knowledge about Australian values, values change and value-related behaviour, and business insight into value-based marketing.

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Academic Team Members

Professor Julie Lee

Julie Anne Lee is a Professor at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. Her research focuses on the theory, measurement and expression of cultural and personal values in adults and children.

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Professor Shalom Schwartz

Shalom H. Schwartz is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His individual and culture level value theories have been used in research in more than 80 countries.

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Professor Geoff Soutar

Geoff Soutar is a Winthrop Professor at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. He is presently working on projects examining people’s personal values and the roles they play in a variety of circumstances, the way online communities can be used to reduce people’s energy use and the ways cooperative enterprises return value to members.

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Dr Anat Bardi

Anat Bardi is a Reader at Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on values, and in particular on value change, the relationships between values and behaviour, and the effects of values on attention.

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Dr Joanne Sneddon

Joanne Sneddon is a Senior Lecturer at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. Joanne’s research focuses on examining relationships between personal values and prosocial and consumer behaviours, with a particular focus on values and conservation behaviours.

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Professor Dr Hester Van Herk

Hester van Herk is Professor of Cross-Cultural Marketing Research at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Her recent research focuses on antecedents and consequences of human values on consumer behavior in developed and emerging markets and on research methodology providing insight into differences and similarities between survey responses from different nations and cultural groups.

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Dr Tim Daly

Tim is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the United Arab Emirates University. Tim’s research interests include charitable giving, conflict, consumer behavior, personal values, personality, and scale development.

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Professor Jordan Louviere

Jordan Louviere is a Research Professor in School of Marketing in the UniSA Business School and co-founded the University of South Australia Business School’s Institute for Choice (I4C). He is an internationally recognised expert in conjoint analysis and consumer choice modelling, the inventor of best-worst scaling.

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Dr Uwana Evers

Uwana is a Research Fellow at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. Uwana’s research interests include personal values, prosocial behaviour, charitable giving, behaviour change, social marketing, and cross-cultural psychology.

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Associate Professor Len Coote

Len Coote is an Associate Professor and serves as the Academic Dean and Head (Acting) of the University of Queensland Business School. Together with Jordan Louviere and Cam Rungie, Len is one of the developers of Structural Choice Modelling. His specific research interests are the development and application of new statistical theory for studying decision making and choice.

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Values are fundamental to all of us – connecting us as human beings and, at other times, highlighting our differences.

Values form the core motivation behind our behaviour and ultimately translate into our lifestyle choices and actions as consumers. Why do we identify with one brand over another? Do we buy local or imported goods? Do we drive a petrol, hybrid or electric car? Where do we choose to live?

The Values Project is a unique joint initiative between Pureprofile, the University of Western Australia and the Australian Research Council. It has the potential to have an extremely positive impact on our understanding of each other as Australians, and as global citizens, and that it will make a powerful contribution around how brands develop and deliver values-aligned products and services.

Pureprofile is thrilled to partner with the UWA and some of the smartest and most dedicated minds in the education sector to build a values-based profile platform of global scale, so that individuals and corporations can explore what matters most to them, and how their values impact the choices they make.

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