Associate Professor Len Coote

Len Coote holds the rank of Associate Professor and serves as Academic Dean and Head (Acting) of the University of Queensland Business School. He is the immediate past Leader of the Marketing Discipline within the UQ Business School and is a member of the Quantitative Marketing research group. His specific research interests are the development and application of new statistical theory for studying decision making and choice. His research is published in international peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Business Research and the Journal of Choice Modelling. He holds Honours and PhD degrees from the Queensland University of Technology.

Together with Jordan Louviere and Cam Rungie, Len is one of the developers of Structural Choice Modelling. Choice models are used in applied economics, business and marketing, and transport and logistics for the purpose of understanding decision making and choice. Structural Choice Models (SCMs) offer a very general and flexible modelling framework for studying decision making and choice. SCMs subsume many existing models as special cases (e.g., conditional and mixed logit) and are specifically designed to incorporate latent variables. Len is a contributor to the DisCoS software (principally written by Rungie). DisCoS is estimation software for SCMs and a shorthand expression for Discrete Choice Software.

Len serves as Vice-Chair of the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research, Inc. (ACSPRI). ACSPRI is a non-profit consortium of Australian universities established for the purpose of promoting excellence in social and behavioural research. UQ is a foundation member of the Consortium. Among other activities, ACSPRI offers training (short courses) in research methods and applied statistics for social and behavioural researchers. For 10yrs, he was an instructor on ACSPRI Programs (Summer, Winter, and Spring) and offered courses on Structural Equations Modelling.


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