Personal values indicate what matters most to people, such as having security, or freedom, or pleasure, or to promote the welfare of other people. Obviously, all of these things are “good”, but it is important to know that people differ on what is most important to them.

Let’s look at two different types of people, for example.

First, some people put their family or friends’ welfare above all else. They place a great importance on being helpful, loyal and honest; not only to their close family and friends, but in all aspects of their life. They want to be benevolent.

In contrast, other people aspire to great things. They place a great importance on being ambitious, successful and influential. To achieve this, they need to be better than others. They want to achieve.

These are just two of the many different motivations reflected in the values circle. Values that are next to each other in the circle are similar; they share the same motivational goals. Values that are on opposite sides of the circle have conflicting motivations.

Take a look at the circle and see if you can think of people who are motivated by different types of values.

People who share similar values will find it easier to communicate.

They will naturally understand and trust each other. But, more on this later … just know that it is important to have all sorts of people in society.

We need people who aspire to achieve great things and people who want to look after others. We need people who are creative and self-directed and people who are committed to traditions and follow the rules.