Professor Anat Bardi

Anat Bardi has earned her PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is currently a Reader (equivalent to Associate Professor) at Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on values. She is particularly interested in value change, the relationships between values and behaviour, and the effects of values on attention, but her research on values includes other research questions, as well. She regularly publishes in social/personality journals but also in more applied journals (e.g., the Journal of Applied Psychology) and she regularly cooperates with charities interested in applying values in real life contexts (e.g., The Common Cause Foundation, Global Action Plan). She serves as Co-Chief Editor at Frontiers in Psychology: Personality and Social Psychology.


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Why The Values Project?

The Values Project is a multi-year program between The University of Western Australia and Pureprofile that is partly funded by a Linkage Grant from the Australian Research Council (LP150100434). It enables people to understand how values shape and influence the things that matter most to them in life. A greater understanding of values can help people choose goals and plan for their future by making better decisions.

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